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Bird art, double elephant Audubon bird prints for sale- Original Audubon art and world-class Audubon prints.

John James Audubon Birds of America & Quadruped Prints

Featuring the world’s only direct camera Audubon double elephant prints.

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Make your walls sing with life-size award-winning fine art prints of John James Audubon's Birds of America. Not mere reproductions, Princeton Audubon double elephant prints are the world's only direct camera first-generation lithographs of the actual antique originals. Measuring more than two feet by three feet, these impressive, pencil-numbered limited edition images are printed with the finest inks on heavy sheets of acid-free paper that is stressed for 300 years and recommended by the Library of Congress for archives. Additionally, this exceptional paper is specially toned to match the average color of the antique originals. True fine art prints, Princetons in Gallery 1 set the standard in Audubon fine art. William Steiner, author of Audubon Prints: A Collector’s Guide To Every Edition wrote, “True prints, true colors, incredible detail. Princetons are simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever made!” Sold unframed, professionally packaged and shipped.


Princeton Double Elephant Audubon prints in Gallery 1 are said to be the finest Audubon prints ever accomplished. Here are some reviews and observations. Princeton Audubon direct camera lithographs are not posters, common reproductions or giclee ink jets which flood the Internet. Described as “remarkable examples of historic accuracy and beauty” their cost ranges from $250 to $1,800. We absolutely guarantee your complete satisfaction. Guarantee/Privacy/Contact. Actual originals were purchased and physically set as the center of our extraordinary re-creation process, giving your investment a physical connection to the actual Audubon originals.

We also offer spectacular Audubon fine art, such as the stunning reduced size Princeton Essex NYHS Edition prints and the exquisite Rare Prints Edition. You may also want to browse our “Basement“ for special offers and rare finds.

We offer free two day shipping in most cases.

We sell Audubon originals including the Havell, Imperial Quadruped, and Octavo bird and Octavo quadruped editions. We especially recommend our pre-matted Audubon original Octavo birds and pre-matted Audubon original Octavo quadrupeds which are archivally matted with designer colors. These can be displayed as is or simply dropped into frames.

Purchase securely from this website. We also authorize and guarantee sales of our prints from The Audubon House and Gallery in Key West, Florida, The Taylor Clark Audubon Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and The New York Historical Society in New York City. We have also authorized and guarantee sales from the following websites ..., Rare, and

Phone us if you wish to order by phone or have any questions. 908.510.1621. Thank you for your visit.

”Of all the full-size facsimiles of Audubon's prints, those from Princeton Audubon Ltd. come the closest in appearance and quality to the originals. Combining this with their very reasonable cost make the Princeton Audubon facsimiles winners for those looking to acquire some of the most dramatic American natural history images ever produced." - Chris Lane, Philadelphia Print Shop West, appraiser on Antiques Roadshow. “With their astounding detail, definition, and color, the Princeton direct-camera facsimiles have long set the standard in Audubon Birds of America lithographs." - Louise Mirrer, The New-York Historical Society.

John James Audubon was barely older than the young United States when he arrived and made it his home in 1803. It wasn't long afterward that he journeyed the length of this fresh wilderness, composing over 400 studies, dramatic images of the birds which so fascinated him. Eventually he would cross the Atlantic several times with his latest drawings, in order to have these birds of America engraved by Robert Havell of London into copper plates, then each copperplate was pressed onto about 200 sheets of Whatman paper, and finally all were published as The Birds of America. These precious originals were the prize of Kings and the mighty. Today, most are in the collections of museums. Many have reproduced these originals, usually by copying a small photograph or by sending a scan into a large inkjet printer. But Princeton Audubon, founded by a Master Printer and world renowned collector of Audubon originals, the late David Johnson, actually purchased the antique originals and physically utilized the originals themselves (direct-camera capture lithography) in reproducing our stunning collection of limited edition fine art prints. Princeton double elephants thus have a close connection to the originals which makes them unique and sought-after as true Audubon fine art.

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Original Havell plate 93. Excellent condition. Priced to sell at $8,900.

  • Original Audubon Havell Sea Side Finch, plate 93
On Sale

Original Audubon Havell Sea Side Finch, plate 93


Bold coloring, excellent condition. Whatman watermark. These are sometimes termed the Audubon/Havell prints, Havell being the primary engraver. These prints were produced by using as a basis the watercolor compositions or studies that Audubon accomplished mainly in the open field. These were then taken to London, where Havell's shop was located. Havell, often under the direct supervision of Audubon himself, would then engrave with precision tools a reverse image of the watercolor study onto copper plates, some plates being as large as 27 1/2 x 39 1/2 inches, and others being smaller for the smaller images. When finished, the plates were inked, the paper dampened, and then both were run together through the rollers of a press. The paper was thereafter pulled, or peeled off the plate, resulting in properly oriented black and white image, and then hand colored.

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