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Double elephant Audubon prints for sale- Original Audubon art and world-class Audubon prints. Free shipping. Share on Facebook.

Audubon prints. Audubon Birds of America prints on sale.

Special Audubon print sale. Purchase any print in Gallery 1 for only $600. Take advantage of this limited time deep discount plus enter coupon code Princeton for an additional discount. View our prints in Gallery 1, and then return and use this stand alone cart. Simply enter your Gallery 1 choice in the message box at checkout.

Princeton Audubon Prints - John James Audubon’s Birds of America

Welcome to Princeton Audubon. We produced and feature the Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition. Princeton Audubon prints are not posters, photographs, or common reproductions. These spectacular prints are works of fine art, exact documents of the actual antique John James Audubon Birds of America originals which we purchased and physically utilized in the re-creation process, giving you a physical connection to the antique originals. Unique in the world of Audubon facsimiles, the Royal Society of London chose Princeton prints for permanent display. Audubon was a Fellow of this Society, as evidenced by the letters “F.R.S.” engraved in the script of his originals. (Fellow, Royal Society) You may display these same works of fine art in your home or office. You may purchase our prints from this website. We have also authorized and guarantee sales from The New York Historical Society in New York City, The Taylor Clark Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Key West Audubon Gallery, in Key West, Florida, and from three additional Audubon websites, Rare,, and

Feather your nest with Audubon double elephant prints

What is a double elephant?"It is now a month since my work was begun by Mr. Lizars; the paper is of unusual size, called 'double elephant', and the plates are to be finished in such superb style as to eclipse all of the same kind in existence." - J.J. Audubon, December 10, 1826 And 'eclipse all' he did! No other ornithology prints could measure up to Audubon's - literally! As indicated above, the term 'double elephant' refers to the unusual (double) size of the paper used by Audubon and his engravers (Havell followed Lizars) for the original "Birds of America." The untrimmed paper measured a gargantuan 29 1/2 x 39 1/2 inches! Officially, the proper English measurement for double elephant paper is 40 x 27 inches - untrimmed. Elephant paper is a bit smaller, measuring 28 x 23 inches untrimmed. Why such a large (double) size? Audubon insisted that each bird be depicted life-size. When you consider the immense proportions of subjects such as the Brown Pelican or of the White Pelican or the American Flamingo, the necessity of choosing 'double elephant' paper becomes obvious. But to this, Audubon himself adds ... "Merely to say, that each of my illustrations is of the size of nature, were too vague ... Not only is every object, as a whole, of the natural size, but also every portion of each object. The compass aided me in its delineation, regulated and corrected each part, ... The bill, the feet, the legs, the claws, the very feathers as they project one beyond another, have been accurately measured." John James Audubon. Ornithological Biography, Volume 1

Special Princeton Audubon Prints for Sale

Audubon reduced. These four exceptional prints are from our Princeton Audubon Essex New-York Historical Society Edition and measure about 18 x 25 inches. This is the only edition of this size and quality in the world. Regularly selling for $250 each, you may purchase them today for $150 each or $400 for all four.

John James Audubon’s Birds of America

We think you will enjoy this video regarding Audubon’s life and work.