Product Collections

(A) Gallery 1, 36 images - The Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition Is the world’s only direct camera edition of Audubon prints, said to be “simply the finest Audubon prints ever produced!” The birds in the foreground are exactly the size of life.

(B) Gallery 2, 26 images - The Rare Prints Edition is an absolutely accurate limited edition, the finest of today’s giclee editions. Also double elephants, they can be displayed alongside Gallery 1 Princetons.

(C) Gallery 3 - Princeton Audubon Essex New York Historical Society Edition. These boldly colored reduced size prints are reproduced from the collection of originals at The New-York Historical Society.

(D) Gallery 4 - Audubon Imperial Quadruped Originals. Rare, these prints were produced between 1845 and 1848 and measure 21 x 28 inches. Only about 303 of each image were produced by Audubon and his family. These are growing in popularity.

(E) Gallery 5, 18 images - Audubon Imperial Quadruped Reproductions measuring 21 x 28 inches on Somerset paper imported from England. Exceptional detailed images.

(F) Gallery 6 - Original Audubon Octavo Birds, created between 1840 and 1871. Some are professionally matted.

(G) Gallery 7 - Original Audubon Havell Edition, the most valuable of all Audubon originals. We invite your offers on these historic prints.

(H) Gallery 8 - Original Audubon Octavo Mammals

(I) Gallery 9 - Special offers

(J) Gallery 10 “Baby” Elephants - Princeton Audubon Fine Art Edition, Reduced size

(K) Gallery 11 - Audubon Octavo Test Sheets from Bowen’s studio - Lord-Hopkins Collection, the last prints to come out of Bowen’s studio.

(L) Gallery 12 - The Lord-Hopkins Collection - Octavo Quadruped pattern prints, among the last prints to come out of Bowen’s studio.

(M) Gallery 13 - Lord-Hopkins Collection - Audubon Imperial Quadruped Test Sheets - uncolored. Evidently used by Bowen for comparative purposes, theses are among the last prints to come out of Bowen’s studio.

(N) Gallery 14 - Original Bien Edition

(O) Gallery 15 - Original Audubon Octavo Birds - Matted in colors chosen by a professional decorator.

(Q) Gallery 16 - Chiswick Collection - Original Audubon Octavos professionally framed.

(R) Gallery 17 - Princeton Audubon Fine Art Edition - Double Elephants that can be displayed with our other double elephant editions. These are Giclees with exceptional coloring.

(S) Gallery 18 - Audubon Birds of America in a reduced size and trimmed double elephants.

Horizontal Double Elephants - John James Audubon’s Birds of America

Vertical Double Elephants - John James Audubon’s Birds of America

What’s new?

Xtra - Original Audubon Octavos framed

Xtra- Audubon is not just birds! Featured Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America originals from 1845-1848