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Fine art - All double elephants

Fine art - Audubon Imperial Prints

Fine art - Audubon Oil Edition

Farmyard Fowls

Farmyard Fowls

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Artic Hare

Artic Hare


Fine art - Double Elephants - horizontal

Fine art - Double Elephants - vertical

Fine art - Double Elephants Trimmed

Fine art - Essex New-York Historical Society Edition

Fine art - Leipzig Edition

Fine art - Princeton Audubon Baby Elephant Edition

Fine art - The Princeton Double Elephant Edition

Fine art - The Rare Prints Edition

Fine Art: Princeton Audubon Fine Art Edition

Original - Audubon Havells, the largest and most desirable of all Audubon prints. Make an offer on any original havell.

Original - Audubon Imperials, the largest of Audubon's mammals. These measure 21 x 28 inches. The uncolored prints are from the Lord-Hopkins Collection, the last known prints to come from Bowen's Philadelphia studio.

Original - Audubon Octavo Mammals - Matted

Original - Bien Edition

Original - Imperial Test Sheets - uncolored.

Original - Lingenfelter Collection, designer matted Octavos can be displayed as is or dropped into a frame.

Original - Lord-Hopkins Collection - Audubon Octavo test sheets

Original - Lord-Hopkins, all collections. Sold exclusively by Princeton, these are the last known prints to come from Bowen's Philadelphia studio.

Original - Octavo Birds

Original - Octavo Mammals

Original - Octavos framed

Original - The Lord-Hopkins Collection - Octavo Quadruped pattern prints, some marked "Pattern" and others with notes in Victor Audubon's hand.

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