Princeton Audubon Edition Reviews

Martha Stewart Living framed our Snowy Owl.




“True prints, true colors, incredible detail. Princetons are simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever produced!” - William Steiner, Audubon print collector and author of Audubon Prints: A Collector’s Guide To Every Edition
"Of all the Audubon reproductions, Princetons come the closest in appearance and quality to the originals."  Chris Lane, co-owner of Philadelphia Print Shop and guest appraiser on PBS Antiques Roadshow.
Princeton Audubons stand above all other modern offset facsimile reproductions. The colors are bright, fresh and natural looking, and the amount of detail seen in the images is extraordinary. - Audubon expert Ron Flynn.

"The brilliant art prints in this rare limited edition
 collection are artistic triumphs of exceptional quality and beauty" James Bell, past director New-York Historical Society, New York City.

"With their astounding detail, definition, and color, the Princeton direct-camera facsimiles have long set the standard in Audubon Birds of America lithographs."  
Louise Mirrer, current Director, The New-York Historical Society.
"The quality of the reproductions reflects precisely the extraordinary state of the art craftsmanship Princeton Polychrome Press has consistently engendered since its inception."  Theodore S. Amussen, Former director of publications and editor-in-chief, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.  (Editor's note: Princeton Polychrome Press is the predecessor to Princeton Audubon Limited) 
"The Princeton Collection represents a remarkable example of historic accuracy and beauty.  No other modern Audubon edition gives collectors the quality and value of the Princeton edition. Audubon himself would no doubt be impressed by the superior workmanship in each print." - Glen Mullen, former Gallery Manager, Audubon House & Gallery, Key West, FL.
"Selected brilliant engravings from the pages of Audubon's BIRDS OF AMERICA have been reproduced with artistic and technical precision by Princeton Polychrome Press.  The Princeton Polychrome Press deserves our praise and congratulations for a job well done!"  - James B. Bell, Past Director The New-York Historical Society
"The Princeton Collection reproductions of Audubon's birds offer an incredible value.  The quality of color, definition and paper are fantastic and far beyond expectations."  Ben Frishman, Audubon print expert and owner of Rare-Prints Gallery, Austin, Texas, USA
Customer reviews:
G.H., Evansville ID: "The American White Pelican is incredible!" 
A.B. Gainsville FL: The wonderful experience your products provide me is derived specifically from the artistry and craftsmanship unique to the venerable Princeton Editions combined with real historical connections to the original Audubon creations. Your access to the NY Historical Society material and other private resources give a sense of authenticity that adds to this total experience, as well as to the intrinsic value of your prints.
C. Z. from Lafayette CA. on the Blue Crane ...
Couldn't be more pleased. The print itself is enough to enrapture me.
S. from New York.
We ordered 10 Audubon framed prints for our office. The response has been very favorable. The prints are large, impressive, colorful, and elegant. We are very pleased with the purchase.
Reviewed by: W.B. from Durham, NC. on the Purple Heron ... 
Superb in all respects. Well packed for shipping. Prompt delivery.
Jim from Carlisle MA. on the Wood Duck ...
This is our second Audubon print from the Princeton series. The print is gorgeous, the ordering and receiving were flawless, and the birds look down at us from their perch above our bed.
Danny from South Carolina on the Pileated Woodpecker ...
Needed a piece for the wall rather a large space. Wanted something different with a bit of color but not too much as well as a certain character which would enhance the other items in the room. This piece with the fantastic framing and the fine art work did the trick.
Great purchase.
Physician W B
(Purple Heron) Superb in all respects. Well packed for shipping. Prompt delivery
The Royal Society of London, where John James Audubon was a Fellow, displays our prints in Chicheley Hall, a 300 year old estate in Buckinghamshire, England which serves as the International Science Conference Center. A paper conservator addressed the crumbling portion of an original Havell Wood Duck by using the corresponding section of ours. Additionally, The New York Times featured our Purple Heron when rolling out their original online store. And Martha Stewart Living framed and featured our Snowy Owl. Universities have added our entire collection to their acquisitions. You can display these same prints in your home or office.