Summer or Wood Duck
Summer or Wood Duck
Summer or Wood Duck
Summer or Wood Duck
Summer or Wood Duck
Summer or Wood Duck
Summer or Wood Duck
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Summer or Wood Duck

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Summer or Wood Duck

John James Audubon’s Birds of America

Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition of 1500.

What is a double elephant?

26 1/4 x 39 1/4; Condition: Mint

Nature is never out of style, so ... Feather your nest!

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“Of all the full-size facsimiles of Audubon's prints, those from Princeton Audubon Ltd. come the closest in appearance and quality to the originals. Combining this with their very reasonable cost makes Princeton Audubon facsimiles winners for those looking to acquire some of the most dramatic American natural history images ever produced." - Chris Lane, Philadelphia Print Shop West, appraiser on Antiques Roadshow.

Of our prints, William Steiner, author of Audubon Prints: A Collector’s Guide To Every Edition wrote, “True prints, true colors, incredible detail. Princetons are simply the finest Audubon facsimiles ever made!”

We purchased the actual antique originals in order to accurately produce this award-winning edition, giving you a connection to Audubon’s original work. Read more ...

In order to create this spectacular print, we needed to purchase the actual original. Measuring more than two feet by three feet, the birds are the same size as in life.

Princetons began with the purchase of the actual originals which were physically used in the production process. A giant camera with film the same size as the print took a direct-capture picture of the original, and this exact image was transferred directly to the metal printing plates. There are no other Audubon facsimiles which match the quality of Princeton prints.

Our prints have this embossed seal at the lower right of the paper ...

... and are pencil-numbered in the lower left under the printed script.

Here are the printing specifications ...

Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition •Double elephant (life size - 26 1/4 x 39 1/4) •Limited edition of 1500. •Pencil-numbered and embossed with the Princeton Audubon Limited seal. •Up to 11 color plates used. •Specially developed fade-proof inks. Absolute color fidelity to the actual original. •Printed on a 300 line. •Very heavy archival paper which is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives and is specially toned to match the actual color of the antique originals. •Registered to purchaser. •As permanently displayed at The Royal Society of London, to which Audubon belonged as a Fellow.

About the image itself ...

This print is based on a composition painted in Louisiana in 1821.  The female in the nest was added around 1825.
Although the Wood Ducks always form their nests in the hollow of a tree," wrote Audubon, "their caresses are performed exclusively on the water, to which they resort for the purpose, even when their loves have been first proved far above the ground on a branch of some tall sycamore.  While the female is depositing her eggs, the male is seen to fly swiftly past the hole in which she is hidden, erecting his crest, and sending forth his love notes, to which she never fails to respond."
One of the loveliest of all the waterfowl, the extravagantly plumaged wood duck nests in hollow trees and nesting boxes, often some distance from the ground.  Soon after hatching and in response to the low soft calls from the mother on the ground below, the downy young clamber on their sharp, hooked claws to the entrance of the nest and flutter lightly to the ground.