Authenticate Princetons

Princetons are absolutely exact documents of the actual originals, and often confused as such. How can I tell that my print is an authentic Princeton and not an Audubon original? 

Being direct camera productions, Princetons have the same feel and look of the Originals. Side by side you cannot tell the difference with the naked eye. However, most Princetons sold from our offices have the embossed Princeton seal at the lower right and the edition number penciled in at the lower left. 

The paper is Mohawk Superfine Cover Stock which is specially toned to match the average tone of the existing originals. The paper is not heavy such as that of a giclee, but strong and firm such as the actual original Whatman paper. There is no plate mark, false plate mark, or counter mark on a Princeton.

Further, Princetons are printed on a 300 line, meaning that 300 tiny dots of ink will fit along a one inch line. This is exceptional printing far beyond common reproductions. You will need a high powered loupe to distinguish these dots.