Princeton Imperial Say's Squirrel
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Princeton Imperial Say's Squirrel

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Princeton Southart Parkway Imperial Edition

Measurements: 21 x 28 inches. Printed on beautifully textured Somerset paper imported from England.

After finishing his monumental work, The Birds of North America, John James Audubon set his sights on the mammals. Working with his two sons, Victor Gifford and John Woodhouse to complete the paintings, they partnered with Mister John Bachman who contributed text and helped manage the research. Though some scholars say that Audubon’s work on the quadrupeds is inconsistent, most agree that the experience he gained working on the birds allowed a perfection of his technique that gave rise to the pinnacle of his life’s work in the best of these mammals. Princeton Audubon has chosen the best of the best to reproduce in this limited edition collection.