Coupon Codes for Princeton Audubon Prints

Coupon codes and special offers ...

Choose only one coupon or automatic discount per order.

Instructions: First add to cart your choices. Click “Checkout” and then enter coupon code into discount box.

Coupon code: Bigfeathers

Get 25% off any print(s) in Gallery 1 (Princeton Double Elephant Edition) by entering code Bigfeathers at checkout.

Coupon code: FourPrincetons

Purchase four prints from a Gallery 1 and get 50% off.


Automatic discounts.  Add your choices to your cart before discounts are applied.

Automatic discount #1 Our new Curlew at $950 plus any print from Gallery 1 at 1/2 price!

Purchase our Long-billed Curlew and additionally get any print from Gallery 1 at 1/2 price. Simply add both to your cart, click Checkout, and the discount will automatically be applied.