Audubon Print Consignments

Are you interested in consigning your original Audubon prints to Princeton Audubon? Please describe your print or collection here and we will contact you. Include the part number from the top left and the plate number (usually in Roman numerals) from the top right. Include the name and the measurements of the prints, length and width. If your print is framed, measure from the inside edges of the frame, length and width. Do not measure only the visible area within the matting. You may also send photos as well to There are no other fees or charges. If we accept your print(s) our maximum commission is 25%. We will at that time ask for (1) any provenance available, such as previous owners (if known) before you acquired it, and (2) high-quality photos of print, front and back. Octavos and Imperials need only one photo of the front and back. Havells require five photos of both the front and back - one showing the entire print and one of the top right quarter, one of the top left quarter, one of the bottom right quarter, and one of the bottom left quarter. Additionally, take a photo of the watermark on the back of Havells. Please call us if you need assistance. We generally have the owner (you) keeping physical custody of the prints until we receive the funds. We can assist you in proper storage of the prints.