Special offers

Special offers

Special offers, combination offers, odds & ends from our archives. 

1) Gallery 1 SALE. Use coupon code BigFeathers for 25% off any print in Gallery 1.

2) Gallery 2 SALE. Use coupon code Rare15 for 15% off any print in Gallery 2.

3) Gallery 3 SALE. Add two Essex prints from Gallery 3 to your cart and then apply coupon code EssexFree to get the second one free.

4) Purchase one print from Gallery 2, The Rare Prints Edition, and get one print from Gallery 1, The Princeton Edition, at 50% off. Add both to your cart and apply code RarePlusPrinceton.

5) As we clear out our archives we located a number of proof prints. These were the final quality control prints produced before the the presses were authorized to run the edition. We are offering these prints as unnumbered proof prints. They are designated 000/1500 and are deeply discounted. Even though these are the exact same prints as our limited editions, without the Princeton embossed seal we would not expect them to appreciate in value. So purchase these at half price or better for their beauty and wall presence.

6) We also offer unique sets of prints including some of our own Princeton Double Elephants that have been trimmed, and special deals of complete sets of prints.

7) Princeton Polychrome Press produced fine art prints for many institutions and museums, and our archival copies of these works of art are also offered here.

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