Audubon Art: Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition

Audubon Art: Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition

Gallery 1 - Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition

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The Princeton Audubon Double Elephant Edition is the world’s only direct camera Audubon fine art edition. The actual originals were purchased and accurately reproduced, giving you a connection to the antique originals.

Princetons are not ordinary facsimiles. Click here and note that four of our prints are in the permanent collection of the New-York Historical Society, where the watercolor studies are housed.  Many of our prints are displayed in the International Science Conference Center of The Royal Society of London, where Audubon was elected as a Fellow.  You have seen our prints in The New York Times.

Here are the specifications...

Double elephant (life size - 26 1/4 x 39 1/4) •Limited edition of 1500. •Pencil-numbered and embossed with the Princeton Audubon Limited seal. •Up to 11 color plates used. •Specially develodped fade-proof inks. Absolute color fidelity to the actual original. •Printed on a 300 line. •Very heavy archival paper which is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives and is specially toned to match the actual color of the antique originals. •Registered to purchaser. •As permanently displayed at The Royal Society of London, to which Audubon belonged as a Fellow.

Princetons began with the purchase of the actual originals which were physically used in the production process. A giant camera with film the same size as the print took a direct-capture picture of the original, and this exact image was transferred directly to the metal printing plates. There are no other Audubon facsimiles which match the quality of Princeton prints.

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