Fine art - Audubon Baby Elephant Prints

Fine art - Audubon Baby Elephant Prints

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Baby elephants is a generic term to describe Audubon prints that are smaller in size than the life-size double elephants, while remaining true to the detail and color of the actual originals.

This gallery consists of two editions,

1) The first is The Princeton Audubon Baby Elephant Edition, a giclee edition. The paper size is slightly reduced to about 19 1/2 x 28 inches. This reduced size allows for greater flexibility in display while remaining true Audubon fine art. The inks are archival and the paper is exceptional as it retains the look and feel of Audubon's original Whatman paper. This growing collection is produced from our own originals and films. This is an edition limited to only 500 prints worldwide on.

2) The second is The Princeton Essex New-York Historical Society Edition. This is a lithograph edition limited to either 1000 prints for the Great Blue Heron and Hooping Crane and 2500 prints for The Louisiana Heron and The Roseate Spoonbill. These are produced from films we took of the originals at the N-YHS. Louise Mirrer, Director of the New-York Historical Society says, "Princeton has faithfully reproduced the N-YHS original engravings in a collector's edition of stunning quality and brilliant color."